Candice Burp Cloth

My philosophy is this- if you are going to get spit up on, you might as well make it pretty. The Candice Burp Cloth features three layers of fabric for ultimate protection and absorbency. With an oblong banana shape, it contours around your neck and provides protection without sacrificing comfort.

Comes in one size. Finished dimensions are 18″ x 9 3/4″.

What do you get?

-Instructions/tutorial with real step-by-step photos, and detailed steps including what you will need.
-Pattern sizes are all Adobe Acrobat Layer compatible.
-Seam allowance is included, 3/8” (1cm).
-Instructions/tutorial are in English.

What about the technical stuff?

-Compatible with all standard print paper sizes (A4, A3, US Letter, and Legal).
-Once you receive the file, you will print it from your home printer. It will print on multiple sheets that will need to be taped together. We try to minimize the headache by including lots of colors/markers when piecing together.
-No Serger is required, all you need is a sewing machine that can do a zig-zag and a straight stitch.
-No commercial limitations. Sew and sell as many finished goods as you’d like.

What/how much fabric do you need? 

Check out this page if you want to learn where I find fabric!

Main fabric- light woven cotton
Inner fabric- cotton flannel for absorbency
Lining fabric- plush or terry cloth

You will need a 1/3 yard each of woven fabric, flannel, and a plush or terry cloth fabric (45″ or 60″ wide).

Additional Supplies:

-1 1/2 yards of 3/8” wide double fold bias tape (bought or made)
-Polyester thread